“We teach throwers to pitch and pitchers to Dominate … Pain-Free!”

We evaluate each of our aspiring pitchers based on their natural ability to throw. We don’t necessarily want to change your child;  Instead we want to help him become more efficient in how he pitches! Boys are visual learners. They learn a lot more by seeing what they do instead of listening to a coach tell them what he is doing. But without video, the coach is just guessing, which is usually wrong. We find it incredible how soon your son will improve by understanding the feel and tempo of explosive pitching. It comes from the video and the analysis of your child’s mechanics.

We Videotape ALL Our Lessons

This practice allows us to be precise about what we need to work on. We take one step at a time, not rushing anything for the benefit of an aspiring pitcher. Once we set the movement of the back leg, tempo…Timing…and a Smooth delivery soon follow.

We do not spend much time on the pitching arm. It should go down, back, and up; that’s it. The arm comes along for the ride.

We teach kids how to use their bodies… Not their arm!

This concept and the video analysis make us different and stand out from other competitors. If an individual feels pain during pitching, he must stop immediately.

How Do We Train?

Your son requires expert assistance during training. Being professional, we use 36+ years of knowledge, experience, and passion for implementing the most effective training methods. We help aspiring pitchers improve their throwing speed, strength, and control while staying healthy and injury-free.

Our Approach

Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to your child’s specific needs. During sessions, we help emerging pitchers increase the use of the leg and core, leading to improved accuracy and ball movement while reducing arm stress. We also use video analysis to analyze their performances.

  • Dynamic stretching
  • Individual training sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Performance assessment

Our Mission

We strive to educate and guide parents, children, and young adults about various arm-related injuries and how to prevent them while having fun during pitching.