At 3UP 3DOWN PITCHING ACADEMY, we emphasize proper lower and upper body mechanics, as well as the mental game. After more than 36 years of training NONE of our students have pitched with pain!
We teach kids to use their bodies, NOT their arm!

  • None of our pitchers, over 1,600 private students, have ever pitched with pain- NONE
  • Since 1986, over 500 of our students have gone on to pitch at the collegiate level.
  • We have trained more than 1600 private students over the years, with another 10,000 kids participating in our camps and clinics.
  • Over 25 of our pitchers have competed in National Championships, at the collegiate level.
  • Our high school kids pitched 58 complete games in one season!
  • We prevent your kids’ from injuries by taking care of their entire bodies
  • We help your kid eradicate the source of pain and dysfunction through effective training


President & Lead Instructor

Mr. Bill Ayres is a pitching instructor with more than 36 years of professional experience. Utilizing his passion for helping aspiring pitchers learn and perfect the art of pitching, he has managed to win the trust of his clients across 17 states and four countries – a testimony to his unparalleled devotion and commitment to helping young adults and aspiring pitchers improve their pitching. He is a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) and the American Baseball Biomechanics Society (ABBS). He has also helped establish over 15 travel organizations throughout the Midwest and Southern States.

Personal Information

Mr. Bill Ayres married his best friend, Kim, 30 years ago. They reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. They have two kids, Brook and Blake, and one granddaughter, Addison Kimberly Ayres. When he is not training pitchers, he likes to play golf, visit vineyards, and spend time with family.

One of his favorite activities is teaching Sunday School to 2nd-5th graders at Peoples Church.

He currently trains at 2 facilities—Fishers Sports Academy in Fishers, Indiana, and Mohr Performance in FT. Wayne, Indiana. He feels blessed to be associated with a talented team that aspires to help kids and young adults achieve their goals.